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Our management team is composed of progressive people who have total understanding of a clients point of view, preferences and expectations. Kleenway’s management team consists of professional individuals with direct experience in a wide range of facility services. Their combined expertise spans more than 70 years, assuring clients there are few issues in the broad scope of facility services that they have not faced and already solved.

Bottom-up Approach

Kleenway has unrivalled organizational depth, supported by well trained and certified supervisors/ foremen, area / operations managers for the many regions serviced and an independent quality control department reporting directly to head office management.

Our efficient atypical organizational structure allows for transparency and a free flow of information and communication throughout the organization. Kleenway operates on a bottom-up management structure, a reflection of our management team and the vast amount of hands-on experience they bring to the table. The benefits of this are most easily noticed in our on-site staff and area / operations managers, who liaise regularly with clients to ensure proper co-ordination and compliance with contract provisions, customer requests, staff scheduling and task completion.

Saving You Time and Money

Kleenway’s wide range of available facility services lets customers focus on what is important for their own growth, a focus on their own core responsibilities. Kleenway ensures your facility is running at an optimal and efficient pace, all the while delivering cost savings through group services tailored to your specific facility needs.

Fully Certified

Kleenway is fully certified by:

  • GCIC Certified Management: Green CleaningInstitute
  • IICRC: Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration
  • Clean Trust Certified
  • BOMA Trained Management
  • CPR Trained Management
  • AODA Certified
  • HACCP Certified