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The Future of Green Cleaning

  Jul 15, 2017

Kleenway Services built our legacy on the principles of sustainability, high quality services, and unparalleled customer service. Now more than ever, environmentally-conscious initiatives have a huge impact.

Kleenway Services is proud to lead the way in Green Cleaning. Green Cleaning is so much more than its environmental impact. By using eco-friendly products and services, we can achieve all of our principles.

On an environmental scale, using green products reduces our carbon footprint. We seek out suppliers who provide sustainable products in their manufacturing, packaging and distribution. We love partnering with companies who share our commitment to the environment. These partnerships create the sustainability of eco-friendly products. By continuing to seek out those companies who strive to help the environment, it makes it possible for more companies to join the fight. Together, if we demand that companies adopt green initiatives, more initiatives will be available. A recent Contracting Profits Magazine report shows that 83% of contract cleaning service providers had or will soon offer green cleaning services and that 43% of customers are specifically requesting sustainable cleaning practices be used in their facilities. Kleenway is proud to be at the front of this global movement.

High Quality Services:
At Kleenway Services, we understand that our customers have a bottom line. We are always looking for new ways to add value to our services and give our customers the highest quality at the best price. The move towards Green Cleaning has given us the opportunity to turn the Cleaning Industry from just a commodity business to a value-adding partner in facility maintenance. This is an exciting time. The world is looking to businesses to lead the way in creating sustainability and quality. Our initiatives aren’t only limited to the products we use, but are used in the services we offer as well. Our employees are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. We use the principles of LEED and use low-emission equipment to bring you the highest quality service with the lowest environmental impact.

Customer Service:
At Kleenway services, we see beyond the customer and into the community that surrounds them. The UN wrote “The Earth is one but the world is not.” For too long companies and individuals have seen themselves as separate from their surroundings. Kleenway Services wants to change that. We see the world as one, and we bring our commitment to the environment to everyone. This starts in our warehouses and offices. Our On-site employees play a vital role in improvements, in terms of both the implementation of our initiatives at client sites, as well as in making recommendations based on their experience. We take our commitments into the world by creating a clean and healthy environment for our clients and those around them. Look here http://www.kleenwayservices.com/comittment-environment.php# for a list of our initiatives.
The planet is ours to take care of. We are proud to join the community of businesses who seek to create sustainable, environmentally friendly initiatives that the whole world can benefit from.

Call Kleenway Services today to find out more about our commitment to quality, service, and most importantly, the envornment.