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Kleenway walks with Autism Speaks 2017 in Toronto

  Jun 16, 2017

Kleenway Services is proud to support our local communities and the causes that are close to our hearts. On Sunday, June 4th we walked alongside a very special little girl and the whole “Olivia United” team in the 2017 Autism Speaks Canada Walk.

This amazing organization raised $338, 710 for Autism in Toronto and is walking across the country to raise money for research and aid to those families living with Autism. Autism Speaks puts the money it raises into the homes of those directly affected through training Early Childhood educators, helping families navigate the health care system and helping young adults learn the skills they need to find jobs.

Did you know . . .

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates autism’s prevalence as 1 in 68 children in the United States. This includes 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls.

• An estimated 50,000 teens with autism become adults – and lose school-based autism services – each year.

• Around one third of people with autism remain nonverbal.

• Around one third of people with autism have an intellectual disability.

• Certain medical and mental health issues frequently accompany autism. They include gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, seizures, sleep disturbances, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety and phobias.


There is still so much more to learn about Autism – and so much that we can learn from children like Olivia.

Kleenway Services is committed to serving our community in as many ways as possible. Together, “Olivia United” raised a substantial amount of money for Autism Speaks and Kleenway was thrilled to be walking down the streets of Toronto to raise awareness for such an important cause. Sunday was a beautiful day in Toronto as we set off in our “Olivia Strong” shirts provided generously by K-os Promotions. The day was full of activities, performances and a lot of fun. It was such a joy to see our city in action – joining together for such an important cause. Autism research has come a long way in the last 10 years. We now know that high-quality early intervention does more than just develop skills, it can set the stage for a healthy and full life. Autism Speaks directly supports families with intervention and education. The more we know about this condition, the brighter the future looks for those affected.

Kleenway Services is an active part of the Greater Toronto Area, and we want to show our support to our community.

Donate to Autism Speaks today and help them continue to make a difference in the lives of children like Olivia.