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Is Your Business Ready for Summer?

  Jun 2, 2017

Kleenway Services offers a wide range of Toronto Commercial Cleaning for industrial locations, cooperate business offices, medical offices, restaurants, institutions, post construction sites and any other client that needs a professional, reputable and reliable cleaning service in Toronto. It is our pleasure to serve our clients by providing a clean, safe and healthy working environment. We offer exceptional customer service, flexible scheduling, quality assurances, affordable costs and attention to detail in all our services.

Every business should be at its best as summer approaches, and everything starts coming back to life. It is a perfect opportunity for businesses to revitalize the working environment by doing some spring cleaning. A clean workspace maintains the professional appearance and boosts employees’ morale, increasing their productivity. Ensure your business is at its best, and ready for summer by hiring Kleenway for any of tyour toronto commercial cleaning needs.

1. Carpet and upholstery cleaning – Chances are that your office carpets absorbed snowmelt and dirt during winter. These form tough stains on your upholstery which can damage them. All you need to do is hire deep carpet cleaning services from Kleenway professionals and prevent long-term damage.

2. Employee workspace cleaning- Rarely do business owners clear out everything in their workspace, dust all equipment and wipe them all with disinfectants. However, with commercial cleaning services Toronto, you can be sure all cleaning tasks will be done efficiently, leaving you with the ideal, clean working environment.

3. Organizing the supply closet – After winter, most businesses have their supply closet looking untidy. However, spring cleaning is a perfect way of organizing everything and making orders for supplies you are low on. As well, all your winter accessories such as extra floor mats, shovels, and rock salt should be cleaned if necessary and stored appropriately.

4. Dusting – With a professional commercial cleaning service, you can schedule a spring cleaning plan to clear off dust and cobwebs in the corner of your ceilings, other out-of-sight and hard to reach areas.

5. Landscaping – Commercial cleaning professionals can help in landscaping to improve the appearance of your office, business or any other working environment.

6. HVAC cleaning and maintenance – This is the perfect time to schedule routine cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system. This way, you will improve your indoor air quality and make heating and cooling more efficient.

7. Window Cleaning- Many businesses neglect cleaning their windows during winter; a commercial cleaning service will ensure they are cleaned thoroughly before the summer season approaches.

At Kleenway Services we are dedicated to providing high-quality services in line with ensuring health and safety standards in our work. We ensure all our staff and service team members receive professional training on strict health and safety policies they should observe.

We are there to ensure you start your day with a clean office workspace that is ready for business. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or routine cleaning, get in touch with us to schedule a plan, and realize why Kleenway Services is the ideal choice for all your Toronto commercial cleaning needs.