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Winter Maintenance

  Jan 31, 2017

From Montreal to Toronto to Calgary, winter is no longer coming – it’s here. Canadians wear the mountains of snow and negative temperatures like a badge of honor. “Meanwhile in Canada. . .” isn’t just a meme; it’s life. Savvy Canadians know it takes a lot preparation and care to navigate our winters with grace. For most business owners, winter means an added list of maintenance checks to ensure your business runs smoothly no matter the weather.

Let’s start with the big one: Snow. It’s on the ground, on your boots, on your car, and sometimes it’s in your socks. We love snow when it’s falling through the air, but the moment it lands it becomes a hassle. In Calgary we already saw 26cm of snow in December alone with plenty more to come, according to the Farmers Almanac 2017.

Maintaining your office or commercial site’s exterior is paramount to your company’s success. Snow removal provides a safe environment for your customers and staff alike. Ensuring your parking lots and walkways are clear is a daily undertaking. Customer service is your number one goal – and you should be free to care for your customers first. Let Kleenway Services do the heavy lifting to allow safe and easy access to your business.

How do you know how often you’ll need an exterior maintenance service? For businesses located in Calgary and Montreal the snowfall is projected to continue into February (Montreal should expect up to 110mm that month!)

Choosing a maintenance package that works for the size of your business and the area you live will give you peace of mind. Rest assured that when the snow starts, you won’t be the one out there making sure the sidewalks are clear. Kleenway Services offers a variety of landscaping and exterior maintenance packages that meet your needs. Routine removal is key to staying one step ahead of that Canadian winter we all love to hate.

Don’t think you’re off the hook, Toronto. We have our seasonal snow showers and ice storms to look forward to at the end of February.

Trust your parking lots and building exteriors to the professionals. Safety is one of the most important aspects of customer service. You take care of your customers from the moment the walk through the door. Let Kleenway Services start to take care of them before they have driven onto your lot.

Let’s show winter who’s boss in the most Canadian way possible - By politely dealing with it and saying “Thanks for coming!” the second April hits. We may be friendly, but we are tough. Give Kleenway Janitorial Services a call today to book your exterior maintenance package. We’ll handle the snow, you just sit back and put on a pot of coffee. Winter isn’t finished with us yet – but we can get through it together.