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Healthy & Safety

Kleenway senior management recognizes the importance of a thorough Health & Safety framework. For this reason, Health & Safety committees are established at all locations where permitted by the number of employees. Kleenway management is responsible for providing a safe and healthy work environment which includes:
  • WHIMIS Training
  • Accidents & Near Misses
  • Sharps Training
  • List all Applicable Employee Training
This allows for committee members to stay current with information relating to their place of work. Aside from this preventative support system, Kleenway expects all employees to conduct themselves according to rules of conduct in Kleenway’s employee manual. This is strongly enforced.

Kleenway’s Health & Safety policy is based on the following principles:
  • All accidents are preventable
  • Safety is the responsibility of all employees
  • Hazardous conditions will be identified and corrected with minimum delay
  • All safety programs are established by management in cooperation with staff at all levels.
  • Management at all levels will be held responsible for the safety performance of their organization, as well as the safety, health and well being of their employees.
  • Employees will be trained to work safely and will be provided with the proper equipment and procedures. They will in turn be responsible to work in a manner that safeguards themselves and their co-workers.

Employee Training

At Kleenway Corporation, we depend upon our well-trained, highly professional staff to maintain your property.

More than 25 years’ experience in the industry has taught us that the key to customer satisfaction is the development of a comprehensive training program for our staff.  Lack of an effective training program can result in loss of productivity, time due to reworking, or reduction in overall quality resulting in lower customer satisfaction.

It is for these reasons that Kleenway Corporation has created a complete training manual that outlines all the necessary techniques for the successful completion of a cleaning operation.  Our initial training program encompasses such topics as:

Company Orientation:
Kleenway's organization and history
Rules and policies - i.e. uniforms, code of conduct
Objectives, believe, initiatives

Focus on Customer Satisfaction:
Understand and apply quality customer service standards; techniques in dealing with clients and personnel.
AOMA Training

Current cleaning methods and techniques:
Implement the most effective cleaning methods and techniques and develop the skills necessary to ensure that all aspects of a client's locations are maintained in the highest standards and in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

KleenStar Recognition Program

Kleenway values the efforts of its employees and understands the importance of recognizing employees who provide exemplary service to our clients. Therefore, Kleenway has designed a recognition system to formally recognize and reward employees who go above and beyond the call of duty in providing world class service. There are two levels of awards:

KleenStar Award
This monthly award is given in recognition of an employee who demonstrates a single exceptional example of service. The area manager in co-ordination with Human Resources chooses from nominations (given by other staff) and recognition proposal (prepared by supervisors) about exceptional acts of service.

Award: $50 American Express Gift Cheque

Ioannis Award
This award is given recognition of most frequently demonstrated service excellence and exceptional examples of service with customers consistently throughout the year. It is an annual award, named after the founder of Kleenway, presented to the employee with the most nominations and highest number of recognition “note of thanks: cards during the year.

Award: $250 American Express Gift Chequeq