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Kleenway’s Fundamental Objective


To ensure total customer satisfaction by providing industry leading service quality and value to all our client locations

At Kleenway, we understand that Quality Control procedures are integral in maintaining a consistently high standard of service.

A comprehensive Quality Control Program allows us to identify problem areas to anticipate issues before they turn into problems. Our Quality Control Program also facilitates collection of useful data through quality audits and inspection reports. The collected data is readily available to our valued clients, allowing customers to track project progress, quality and other account details through our online gateway where every customer is provided their own unique login to access this information.

Cleantelligent: Automatic Audit Reporting

As part of its focus on customer satisfaction, Kleenway automated its quality auditing system by introducing Cleantelligent to all clients in 2012.  The purpose was to create quality audits of client sites more efficiently and effectively.

With Cleantelligent, our quality assurance team is able to conduct daily, weekly, monthly and periodic audits wirelessly using the Cleantelligent APP on their tablets.

Below are some of the advantages using Cleantelligent versus the manual method of auditing:


  • Detailed inspections by floor/room
  • Customized rating indicators
  • Picture attachments
  • Customized weighting of services
  • Pre-defined notes w/language translation
Tracking Performance

  • Evaluate trends by client, building or employee
  • Identify performance indicators
  • Track response time/completion of work orders
  • Build customized reports with an interactive tool
  • Excel and PDF exports
  • Know exactly where the areas of improvement are needed
Improved Client Communication

  • Clients granted online access
  • Integrates with email and text messaging
  • Customizable forms/surveys for clients to fill out
  • Auto assignment of work orders to employees
  • Customizable work order completion status
  • Auto escalation to upper management

  • Schedule work orders and daily/periodic tasks
  • Schedule services by employee or position
  • Create color coded daily job schedules
  • Full featured calendar with repeating events
  • Receive reminders of scheduled events
  • Easy to use, interactive calendar tool

Kleenway Building Maintenance Services is at the forefront of the commercial cleaning industry and stops at nothing to deliver unrivaled cleaning services to the people who matter most in your business.

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