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Building Maintenance Services in Montreal

We serve with pride the second largest city in Canada, Montreal. Covering 1,644 miles of glamorous city-scape, the City of Montreal is the host of many international events and the world’s 10th best city to study in. Part of its allure is the city's historic architectural landscape that has provided a legacy of charm and character that has been recognized internationally.

The city, with the second-largest economy in Canada, is an important centre of commerce, finance, industry, technology, culture and world affairs and has been rated the 10th best city in the world for University students to pursue their education. It is our commitment, as a building maintenance company in Montreal, to ensure the city and its environment is maintained to the highest standards so that the city continues to be recognized as one of the best places to live and visit in Canada.

Kleenway Building Maintenance Services Inc. has been successfully providing complete building maintenance services to industrial, commercial, retail, government, educational, technological and medical facilities in not only Montreal but the surrounding areas in Quebec. We would love the opportunity to discuss the needs of your business and how we can help shape your environment.

We encourage you to browse the various sections and call our offices at 1.888.638.5587 to learn more about Kleenway’s building maintenance in Montreal and other regions in Quebec.